Monday, June 16, 2003

another eating conquest, and some interesting books

Thanks to my repeated praises of Kudzu Book Fair, my roommates decided to give the place a look-see. Although they were impressed with the slashed prices, I ended up (again!) being the only one to make a purchase: got Kieslowski on Kieslowski for about 2 bucks, the first volume of Projections, and last, but not the least, I picked up Pornocopia, Laurence J O'Toole's exploration of "adult entertainment" (Yes, time to whip out the brown paper).

As for the eating conquest, let me recommend CHINA INN, innocuously located in the same strip (Chamblee Plaza) as Kudzu Book Fair, this place has a touch of class and some great food. If you feel penny-pinched, I'd recommend the Early Bird Specials: each order comes with jasmine tea (as do all orders, in general), a pair of wings, and an egg roll. There's an aquarium full of fish that you can admire, or you can look into the pantry through the glass and watch some human automation in progress.

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