Friday, June 20, 2003

ebay friday

your ebay seer is back.

* Hum Kisise Kum Naheen.Instrumental FUNKY INDIAN OST: Classic funky soundtrack by Rahul Dev Burman with a great colourfull gatefull cover that folds open in the middle. 'Bachna ae Haseeno' has the funkiest intro ever, and is a whole instrumental in itself. Groovy brass section and a spacey Miles Davis Solo. 'Chand Mera Dil' is introduced by weird weird keyboards and equally weird trumpet, which sets pace for a psychedelic Indian tuned percussion beat. Again an instrumental in itself! R.D. Burman's Moog goes wild in the intro of 'Mil Gaya Ham Ko Saathi. Listen to some excerpts of these intro's on our site! This album has loads of samples & breaks and an incredible fat sound too!! .

* USHA IYER - Usha sings - INDIA : Early seventies album by USHA IYER. Track listing: Beautiful Sunday, When you Smile, If We Try, Never Never Never, Touch me in the mroning, Seasons in the Sun, No Tears, I believe in Music, Losing my Mind. When a woman falls in love. Most remarkable titel: jezehel.

* Usha Iyer BOMBAY jazz Lounge Legendaric LP by the Indian Jazz Diva Usha Iyer. Fab LP, with an unique loungy jazz atmosphere Indian style. Not a perfect copy, nevertheless a nice change to listen to it. With Fever half in French half in English! Great version! 2 tracks accompanied by the Indian beat combo "The Savages" ( Calefornia Dreaming, Midnight Hour) and 10 tracks accompanied by the Ronnie Menezes Quartet (Fever, Left my heart in san Fransisco, Bye Bye Brown Eyes, Big Spender, To Sir with love, Sunny, Blue Prelude, Hurry Sundown, Scotch & Soda, Taste of Honey)

* Erick Sermon & Redman ORIGINAL BOLLYWOOD sample LP: REACT:Hey, check this out! The originalBollywood soundtrack LP that Erick Sermon & Redman used for their hit REACT. This is from the 1963 TAJ MAHAL Bollywood movie, and the sample is of the voice of Asha Boshle. Many early 60's movies were never issued on LP or 7", this is the first edition on LP, from 1979.

* FUNKY INDIAN OST- Hera Pheri:Incredibly funky TITLE TUNE a heavy AFRO FUNK groover by the brothers by KALYANDJI/ANADJI. Great track with hordes of elephants instead and many hypnotized cobras as well.

* rare Bollywood 60's stomper GUMNAAM :The greatest, hardest rockin' 60's Bollywood track ever? Jan Pechechan Ho rocks the house! Crazy horns, Animal drummer, devastating beat. Meet Shankar Jaikishan, in case you weren't aware yet: they are the unchallenged kings of Indian 60's R&R. Also on this LP: a the unearthly beautiful, light and sexy duet between Sharda & Rafi: Jane Chaman Shola Badan.

* Bossa lounge Moog Bollywood OST: Seeta Aur Geeta R.D. BurmanAlbum with an amazing Burman Bossa Nova. One of the most beautiful Hindi songs around, with a relaxed jazzy mood & hauntingly beautifull vocals by Mme Mangeshkar. Great instrumental Hammond parts, jazzy saxophone and fender solos. And, of course: addicting Hindi violins. The Bonus: no less then 3 instrumentals! The majority of Indian Soundtracks contain -unfortunately- no instrumental music from the background score. Some do, and contain a 'Title Music', 'Dance Music' or simply 'Music' track. Look out for those albums! Seeta aur Geeta does. It even contains three! Composed by Burman, and that means a lot of inventive and uncommon tuned percussion and a whole series of musical gimmicks. So, what do we have here? Bombastic Film-Violins, crazy & happy organs, psychedelic moog sounds, punk Tijuana Brass, hysteric panting by the master himself, surf guitars, one-cent flutes, sirenes, indefinable bells, heavy tuba's. An overdose of sounds which would take any Western healthy artist about 5 albums to cover but is digested by Burman within 5 minutes. Both the 1st and 2nd 'Music' are top hits, incredible strange, funny & nr 2 also very danceable track. And with panting by the master RDB himself! Check it this Out! Odeon 1972, MOCE 4165.

* Bollywood JUNGLE MOVIE Bappi Lahiri TARZAN Can you imagine? Back in the 60's there was a very popular explotation genre in india called 'TARZAN MOVIES'. To mention a few titles: Tarzan & King Kong, Tarzan & Gorilla, Tarzan & Hercules, Tarzan & Delihah, Tarzan in Fairyland, Tarzan comes to Delhi, Tarzan 303, Tarzan & Circus (!)

In the early 80's the Tarzan genre was rediscovered with films like 'Jungle Love (love adventures of a tarzan) and 'Tarzan'. It was the perfect excuse for a plentitude of wet sari's under waterfalls and snake bites legitamiting deep toe-sucking. Put TARZAN or JUNGLE in the title and you were asured of a public hundred of thousands of country-side boys in seedy C-grade cinema's. This is the absolute bottom of Bollywood, shot is 7 days on a budget of $10.000. And of course there was Bappi to complete the whole thing eagerly! (Remember: he scored OVER THREE HUNDERED films).

The soundtrack to this underrated movie falls probably more in the category REMARKABLE soundtracks than that it is necessiraly a GOOD one. The opening track of side A is called "TARZAN, MY TARZAN" and is acyually a COUNTRY tune (Yes, this is Bollywood: you NEVER know what you're going to get).

Opening track of side B is, let's say 'CONTEMPORARY EXOTICA'. An abstract beat with these typical jungle drums, and Tarzan is doing his stereotypical cry. When the song starts you hear somebody trying to imitate a LION but who ends up imitating a PIG. Also a SEMI-ELEPHANT and a couple of other semi-inhabitants of the Jungle. There is even a JUNGLE-DUCK. They will continue to scream there blood stirring cries while the JANE-girl sings her innocent song. Right.

When you think you had EVERYTHING it gets even worse. The Jane starts to teach the Tarzan. Because that's what a Jane is supposed to do: civilize Tarzan. And she does, she teaches him the alphabeth. SINGING! Get into your bunker, quickly!

And look at the cover! A very skillful photo-montage. The out-of-focus Tarzan is actually tickling the tiger's ear. One elephant fell on it's nose, the other one is happily running like a doggy towards his master Tarzan to greet him. The Jane is above in the waterfall of which the water somehow refuses to come down. So the lion, the tigers and the Tarzan keep their feet dry! Also the back cover has enough to offer: Tarzan cries the track-listing for us. Alltogether a real collectable. 1985.

* nude TARZAN cover BOLLYWOOD OST JUNGLE-LOVE Spectacular Bollywood cover with a Tarzan and a half nude Jane. And the unimagible is the case: the NIPPLES of the JANE are CLEARLY VISIBLE. In extremely PRUDISH India we thought this to be completely IMPOSSIBLE: a Bollywood cover with nipples. But this 1990 tarzan cover proofs different: her wet dress shows everything: breasts, nipples & huge nickers!

Tarzan was since the early 80's THE excuse to show nudity & semi-nudity, and a whole string of tarzans where made. And Tarzan is in India not so much a person as it is a type. The LP sleeve of Jungle Love states: 'A TARZAN MOVIE' and 'ADVENTURES LOVE STORY OF A TARZAN'. Exciting!

(In India no pornography is made. Officially. But of course there is. What they do is this: they cut the sex scenes out of the film before it goes to the censor board. The film passes the commision, and after that the forbidden scenes are put back again. And the full films are show in seedy theaters in run-down neighbourhoods in obscure small town. Hand-labourers and truck drivers are the public, and any theatre with some nuditry or sex will be sold out. Yes, exploitation cinema is BIG in India.) India 1982.
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