Thursday, June 26, 2003

what adsense do I make? ... and some poor math

The Google Weblog allows you to see what ads AdSense thinks are relevant to your page. Here's the adsense I made. The results are neither pleasant nor enlightening: here's a text dump:

A load of bollocks: A new spoof newspaper on the web ! What do you want to believe today?

Far Side of the EarthPoems By Tom Sleigh. $15.40: 30% off.

Benders Magnetic Figures: Plastic coated wire characters with magnets in their hands and feet.

John Paul Jones: Buy Evan Thomas' book Now at 30% off. associate

Play Like Paul Simon: His songs arranged for fingerstyle guitar. 90 minute video $ 29.95.

Do Aur Do Paanch: The Big B's first release of the 80s (a big FLOP too!) has him sparring opposite Shashi Kapoor and vying for the attentions of Parveen Babi. People probably remember the cartoon sequences accompanying the opening credits showcasing the rivalry of the lead characters. The things that stand out in this boring mess (how long can you sustain the high concept of people trying to kidnap a wealthy man's only son?) are Rajesh Roshan's music (including RR himself singing for Shashi Kapoor!), interestingly photographed fight sequences between the Big B and Shashi K, and some outrageous fast-car sequences (featuring the Big B) -- was that an old Cadillac?

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