Saturday, June 14, 2003

monsoon mazaa

While Bollywood is gearing up its takes on the different Hollywood blockbusters (the choices are a mix of the obvious, the "why did they even bother" and the "what? are they out of their mind??"), Subhash K Jha decided to profile a few "promising" and "original" works. One of the films caught my attention. It's Subhash Ghai's latest production, a low-key/low-budget one, considering that his last few films were devoid of quality AND were box-office duds. The film is called Joggers' Park, and explores an encounter between a young girl and a retired judge. Although this is not much to go on, I was reminded of Kieslowski's Red. If I am right, this could be the second Bollywood take on Kieslowski.

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