Friday, June 27, 2003

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The untiring and tiresome /dev/anand has announced another film (where does he get the money to make these samples of celluloid waste anyways? why not just donate that money to a worthy cause?) called Songs of Life. Although Mr Anand has vehemently denied any connection to Ravi Shankar and his offspring sired by invocation of local and remote interfaces (Anoushka and Nora respectively) (yes, I'm neck-deep into J2EE!), the basic storyline rings too close to Shankar's life in that it has a musician father, an American wife and a daughter born out of wedlock. Dev Saahab, however, insists that he has immense respect for the maestro and did not want to hurt his sentiments (that loud echoing sound is me laughing down a long long gothic tunnel).

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