Monday, June 09, 2003

truth hurts on ebay

The Bombay Beats dudes are back: with the soundtrack LP for Jyoti, which should be familiar to followers of Bappi Lahiri and his Truth Hurts triumph:

* TRUTH HURTS-Dr DRE Original BOLLYWOOD sample:Very rare Bollywood soundtrack LP that contains the original song that Dr Dre Sampled for TRUTH HURTS' big hit: ADDICTIVE, produced by Dr DRE. You bet Bappi was damn excited when he heard that his song was in the USA top 10!! And the Truth Hurts song not merely contains a sample, but actually half of the song! When the song hit the charts a New York based Indian Journalist tried to track down which song was used. But no Bombay Hindi music connoisseur recognized it! They only knew it was Lata Mangeshkar singing, who has sung since 1948 till upto 1995 in virtually every Hindi movie. They were only able to say �Well it�s not Laxmikant/Pyarellal�s, not Kaliandji Anandji�s, not Burman�s�, etc. Until one identified it as a Bappi Lahiri, from an ultra obscure 1981 Bappi-flop (He scored over 300 films!). And when the journalist called Bappi he hardly remembered song either. Firstly he said too be just happy with the honour. Later he realized that there could quite a lot of money in it�. ...and he sued Dr Dre for $500 million! ....and recently he won l!! How much money he won he wouldn't tell but it is fun that Bappi ("King of Copy" as he is called in India) went into court to sew another Copy Cat. Interesting case! India 1981, Sleeve VG++ (some ringwear & one repaired seam), Record NM This is a numbered copy, nr 450, all 4 LP's I've seen thus far were number (till no 912) so it's likely that only a 1000 were made. The last copy went for $500. The same song is also featured in an long instrumental version by the way.

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