Wednesday, June 25, 2003

friday night

it's here again ladies and germs ... friday evening ... when people hit the beer jugs and chill out after a week of hard[sic] work. As for me, I retired to something I do a lot (and love doing): watch a movie on cable. This one was Piranha, a predictable B-horror flick about genetically re-engineered piranha (to be used in bio warfare, predictably). With that kind of a plot, the only person who could do justice to it was Roger Corman, the King of the Bs. Impressive credentials here: In addition to Barbara Steele (queen of the Bs) and Kevin McCarthy (they're here! they're here!) on the roster, there's John Sayles with a writing credit and Joe Dante directing with Pino Donaggio providing the eerie score. All in all, good fun, no questions asked.

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