Friday, June 20, 2003

baba re baba

caught moments from Rajinikanth's Baba (which was sold for 8 crores in Japan, where Muthu and Baasha have already made Rajini saar a hit with the Japanese masses, much alike Mithun and the Russians). What makes the film worse than it actually is (and it's terrible to begin with) is the utter stupidity that went behind its making. Rajini saar is credited with story, screenplay and production. Of these, he seems to have succeeded in the last. The film scores a big fat rotten fungal loaf of wet bread in the writing and acting department (and don't even get me started on Rahman's tunes). How someone could be so moronic to attempt such an audacious mainstream marshpot is beyond me: What were (was) they (he!) thinking: "they're such great fans of mine, they'll lap up anything I dish out to them"??? Badly sync'd dialogue go on par with outrageous dances (check out the Rajini introductory number!!), situations and stunts (the first ridiculous sequence involves Rajini saar defying gravity and using his ballplaying mates as stepping stones as he ascends to hit the ball back across the net -- presumably they're playing volleyball, but I ain't see no ball like that before in volleyball. Then there's the "endlessly spinning ball on my fingertips used as a deflector shield" sequence. Then there's the "I hit these guys and they are suspended in space like clothes left out to dry, until I leave this shot" sequence). While Rajini's stunts have always been more outrageous (and more "respected") than Mithun's, I'd prefer the Bengal Tiger any day -- his movies have no false impressions of themselves as ground-breaking or popular cinema. They are simple profit-oriented business ventures. Apart from that, I can see only electronic retaliation from any hardcore Rajini-bhakt who ever reads this post.
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