Friday, July 11, 2003

B O Y S: The latest sample bushel from the Panchatan valley

Couldn't miss an opportunity to (a) review a new A R Rahman release (b) Beat JR to it. NOTE: My runtime Tamil comprehension capabilities are not even entry-level, so don't expect to hear/read anything about the work of Vaali, Kapilan and Pa Vijay. You might get to hear some nasty things about Blaaze.

This is BOYS, the recently-released soundtrack (read: songs-track) for the latest Shankar film (yeah, that dude who rocks with less-than-dumb movies initiating global cinema-hall migraines). {track listing and more info}

* Ale Ale is a good way to open an album -- although, it didn't shake me up as much as Urvashi had. The musical tapestry is rich and catchy. Once again, I have little to no idea what they are singing about (except that I am sure it's in keeping with the central theme[sic] of the film)

* Boom Boom has ARR getting another non-Tam singer (in this case, Adnan Sami, who lent his vocal might to ARR in Saathiya) to sing Tamil. The beat's predictable, but the Beatles/Lennon-esque descent into instrumental chaos at the end is a nice little dollop

* Dating is inane and irritating (especially the by-now-all-too-familiar tired rap overlay on a popsy sample-laden beat and some exhausted English lyrics)

* Please Sir (pron: Plees saar) is a song found only on the Sri Lanka and Singapore releases (perhaps this has already been rectified, much to the dismay of sensible listeners who were glad with one song less). The rhythm and beats programming is strongly reminiscent of Sandeep Chowta's work with the title song of Dum (btw, the less-heard version by Sonu Nigam (pron: So_new Knee_gum) is a laugh riot). More English including phrases lifted from Cecilia. For the most part, this song is a cappella, something made famous by Penn Masala.

* Secret of Success goes Saa Ree Gaa May Paa Dhaa Knee Say. Sure sure... average.

There are more songs on this album methinks, but I couldn't grab a listen. Guess I can leave that to JR. BTW, according to that last song, love is the secret of success. Next!

Something more about Blaaze (pron: Blaa-zay or blasé) bhai. He's this average-joe rapper called Rajesh Raman from Bombay (Mumbai, whatever). ARR signed him on for this soundtrack and then got him to sing a little piece of rap for Rajinikanth saar's Baba [last endured] That piece of rap (lyrics and more history ) made him famous[sic] (well it impressed Rajini saar, which doesn't take too much effort methinks). Sorry saar, me not too blown away.

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