Monday, July 28, 2003

indian restaurant recommendation

The mega lunch buffet at Minerva Indian Cuisine [4305 STATE BRIDGE ROAD, #108, ALPHARETTA, GA 30022] on Saturday and Sunday (which is when we went) is worth every nickel, dime and dead president. There's a grand variety in North-Indian, South-Indian and a few Chinese dishes. The ambience is more Indian than most Indian restaurants out there. The rush of people is enough indication that the buffet has already achieved deserved popularity. Special mention: the (esar halwa (shira), the wings 65 (aka chicken 65), the fried karela, the goat and chicken biryanis (although both seemed to have a common spice base with only the kind of meat as a discriminator). The gobi manchurian wasn't so good -- I landed a couple of unfinished florets. A minor grouse: with all that rush, they need to up the frequency of bowl and silver replenishment.

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