Tuesday, July 22, 2003

goodies, fragments and then some: an attempt to combat the fiercely aggregating grey clouds outside

Google has introduced an advanced news search, which allows you to search by source, source location, headline, URL or date {courtesy: Google Weblog}.

[ Lifted verbatim from a post on Ernie the Attorney's blog]: If you want to design a user-interface that is intuitive you need guidelines. And then you have to encourage developers to follow them. Oh, and if you Google "Windows User Interface Guidelines" here is where you wind up. That seems about right.

Bruce Eckel writes about the conflicting signals that the media are giving us about the state of the computer job economy. I don't think this means the jobs are lost, it's just that they are temporarily vanished in the process of migrating from large companies (who are not the traditional source of job growth) to smaller companies (who are). Some of those small companies haven't been created yet, because the problems they solve haven't been discovered yet. I agree with the coda too: If you can create a good environment (see Demarco and Lister's great book Peopleware and some of the XP books to learn how), then it's far less likely that you'll lose people to higher salaries when the economy swings back upward., and I found Peopleware to be a great informative read -- if only the right people would read it without getting offended.

David Giacalone points to a well-written article by Diane Karpman for GPSolo magazine that looks into the ethical and liability risks from not using new technology in one's law practice.

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