Tuesday, July 08, 2003

extreme tuesday

After murphy monday (with me suffering from air-conditioning withdrawal), we now have the other side of the spectrum: full-blast cold air-conditioning in the bus, train and at work. Brr!

Just to make things interesting, here's an interesting auction item from the dudes at Bombay Beats: Bollywood BONEY M in HINDI: Yummy! Boney M goes hindi. Loads of Indian disco here, by the unsurpased Peter Moss, all covers of Boney M. We�ve got Sunny in disco, in 2 versions: one sung by a man, and one by a woman. Whoopie! They don�t know what Boney M is, but they for sure know something else. And there is Ma Baker. Toooo groovy! Sung by Mahendra Kapoor & Mussarat ("the Kashmiri Beauty with a stunning vibrating voice") All recorded in London, mind you. Music of India 1981 record.

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