Monday, July 07, 2003

murphy monday

* The train to work is delayed. Note that this has never happened so far (since I started taking it to work), although this has happened on other occasions

* The air conditioning in the whole building is dead. Consequently, there's an open door policy as people rush to hack through the closed-window office-environment construction to let some air flow through. Being on the second floor, all hopes of circulation have already collapsed

* A great excuse to grab lunch except the place we go to has half its air conditioning paralysed

* A colleague gets a little rock in her food (the upside is, needless to say, her order is on the house)

* A wasp nearly enters our vehicle on the way home

* Upside: free Edy's ice cream courtesy of the building management, who assure us that the air conditioning will be fixed tomorrow. In short, productivity hits a new low.

I'm sitting at my desk massaging my sweat-laden forehead with an ice pack constructed from an ice tray in the little fridge we have and some napkins, rapidly spooning up my fast-melting ice cream (chocolate, with Hershey's chocolate syrup, whipped cream and nuts)...

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