Wednesday, July 09, 2003

cool (literally) tool and some more library hauls

Found a useful tool I've been seeking for quite a long time: a compressed air spray to clean your keyboard. All you do is affix a capillary to the nozzle, point it at the crevices in your keyboard, and hit the trigger. With some light spray, what you can expect to see is all the dust and the other crap that ends up nesting in those little dark areas in and around the keys. This product was Falcon's Dust-Off. The downside, according to the last link, is the presence of HCFCs in the spray. Wonder if that's still the case though -- the literature scattered on the can's surface has nothing to offer about the constituents. Man! That can was cold!

And it was another trip to the library followed by me trudging home with a loaded bag (the library bum, that's me!): a couple of Inspector Ghote mysteries (Inspector ghote caught in meshes, Inspector ghote plays a joker) and Randall Kennedy's controversial Nigger : the strange career of a troublesome word (something on my to-read list) comprised the dead-tree section. The movies included John Huston's Moby Dick on DVD (acquired solely to watch Orson Welles in his brief role as Father Mapple, Compulsion (being another filmic interpretation of the Leopold-Loeb case, the more famous version being Hitchcock's first colour film and experiment in long takes, Rope), Murder!, an early relatively unsung Hitchcock talkie, Belle Epoque (a tale of a Paradise of love and passion; winner of 9 Goyas (the Spanish Oscars) and the Foreign Film Oscar-- come to think of it, a lot of the "famous" foreign films I've seen seem to deal with eroticism in various forms). And rounding off the list is a 4-cassette audio version of This is Orson Welles, a compilation by Peter Bogdanovich (once again, a man good in print and bad on celluloid) of conversations with Orson Welles.

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