Thursday, July 03, 2003

blue bay: city café diner redux?

Checked out Blue Bay Fish Market and Grill today for lunch. People (like myself) who take the airport-bound train will remember this place on Main St with the large purple octopus and tall bird figures guarding its large parking lot. While the food is better than the fare at City Café Diner (a "popular" haunt for Georgia Tech students/Home Park residents), there are several similarities: the menu style (from the spiral spine, the fonts, the design, the inner sheet of lunch specials, the prices), and the obscenely large portions of food. There's a white thermocol box behind my chair with leftovers for dinner. And again, for inexplicable reasons, I chose a non-fish dish (Chicken Milano). Wonder what I have against seafood in restaurants (of course, I remember having some delicious squid at Fratelli's).

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