Thursday, October 23, 2003

and more tehzeeb (aka wonder what I have against this movie?) [see also: music review, the bergmanian connection, more aural allusions]

Assuming no change in the basic (external, as Bergman refers to it in the introduction to the printed screenplay translated from Swedish By Alan Blair) storyline, here's my attempt at mapping characters/actors from the original to the KM-fronted adaptation:
Charlotte (Ingrid Bergman, her swan song and her first film with her namesake) : Ruksana (Shabana Azmi)
Eva (Liv Ullman): Tehzeeb (Urmila Matondkar)
Helena (Lena Nyman): Nazneen (Dia Mirza)
Josef (Erland Josephson) and Leonardo (Georg Løkkeberg): (Rishi Kapoor)
{Leonardo is Charlotte's recently deceased lover, Josef was her husband who cared for the daughters. I suspect an amalgam -- not sure if mainstream Hindi cinema audiences are quite prepared to deal with multivariate marital relationships}
Viktor (Halvar Björk: also the narrator of the film): (Arjun Rampal)
?? : (Diana Hayden)

See also: an "imagic" study of Bergman's film | the strictly film school page on Ingmar Bergman

Up front, I must admit that despite all the inspirational associations, I am hoping that Tehzeeb won't be the convoluted boomerang that Fiza was --- loaded with all the pitfalls that KM enjoyed picking out in all the films he reviewed (lambasted, YMMV).

On a very very related note, KM isn't (as I had initially assumed) the first person to go Bergman. Rituparno Ghosh has been doing it for a while (this is purely based on storylines and news reports -- I haven't seen any of his cinema yet): Unishe April got to Autumn Sonata first. Utsab seemed to rely on Fanny and Alexander. Bariwali seems a lot like Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard. Apparently, he also incorporated elements of Through a Glass Darkly in a film of his. The details are trivia obscura. Looks like a lot of additions (Bergman first, followed by Ghosh) to my to-watch list.

Also, more from KM and the film itself.

An old feed of the AVS-Atlanta show (surprisingly good quality too!) gave me my first look at a Tehzeeb teaser -- predictably snatches from one of the FF-button-friendly musical interludes: the song khoyii khoyii with Arjun Rampal dancing about mostly with a gaggle of gals dressed in red construction uniforms and yellow hardhats. All ho-hum and very indicative of a sequence in the future: me hitting the "next chapter" or the "FF" button (DVD/VHS). Incidentally, 20th century fox has the all-india distribution rights for the film. Wonder how KM manages all this ...

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