Friday, October 24, 2003

friday fettle

Just posted another ISB transcription: waqt waqt kii baat hai. Also marks my first use of Vinay's giitaayan wiki.

Shabana Azmi pays tribute to Liv Ullman (who, besides having lambasted some elements of Bollywood cinema, also has a Tehzeeb connection, as does Azmi!)

The place of Diwali in Bollywood cinema ([Chachi 420] showed one very important scientific fact (which is in keeping with Kamal, who is known to be a perfectionist) that is still not well known to many a lay person: that the immediate treatment for any sort of burns, of which there are plenty in Diwali, is to pour lots of water on the burns. In this film Kamal is shown throwing his burning child into the swimming pool, much to the chagrin of those around him. Only when the doctor praises his efforts do the others understand that he has probably saved the child's life)

Ujjal Chatterjee, who ruffled a lot of feathers with his last film Escape From Taliban, is back on air with a music video of a Bengali Tagore song featuring Rajesh Khanna. He shares his experiences with the 70s 'Phenomenon' and talks about his next film inspired by the WTC attack, starring Manisha Koirala... [more]

Leslie Lewis has nothing against remixes, just the videos

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