Saturday, October 11, 2003

what sort of readers does rediff invite?

A question that I constantly ask as I monitor the 'movies' section filled with articles with tones of pure adulation, badly-expressed interesting thoughts, run-of-the-mill clichéd phrases. And the occasionally decent article (decent = writing as best as you can while sticking to the generally low-calibre target reader). Take Prem Panicker's retrospective on an interview with Rekha (who celebrated her birthday yesterday). Mr Panicker eloquently describes, as best he can, a 15-minute interview that Rekha had granted him, embellishing this with tidbits about the guru-errant shishyaa relationship between Rekha and Sridevi and the personal crisis in Rekha's life, which tempered her responses. After this rather refreshing take, you scroll down to the readers' comments section and see the following response: The writer should remember that, it is not possible for every one to understand the language and expression, hence I request the writer / journalist to present it in a simple way so as to convey the right meaning.. Should I rant about this or just dismiss this as something you can expect: Rediff is a rather mainstream portal and the mainstream has a very low collective awareness quotient. Attempting to write something of reasonable quality can often be an almost insurmountable obstacle. At Mr Panicker tried. The rest is a few mouseclicks away.

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