Thursday, October 02, 2003

maar noose

yesterday marked the first day of the year business-wise for most government processes. including, especially, the new revised truncated H1-B cap (65,000 visas a year instead of the boomtime number of 195,000). thanks to the outsourcing trend, people back home aren't particularly concerned.

being mahatma gandhi jayanti today is a national holiday back home. reminds me of something I really miss here: holidays. the work culture here seems at odds with the spirit of the american dream (the core of which equates to being well-off without too much effort). the mundane pattern that my working week follows is both comforting and boring. on the note of the occasion, the only way i would really like to observe the occasion would be to avail of any opportunity to watch gaa.ndhii virudhha gaa.ndhii, in marathi, hindi or english (with naseer and kay kay menon). pity.

JR has a long post dedicated to the cool cult film that was Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro. The sad part is this did not make it to Rediff's predictably superficial Mad About Movies.

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