Wednesday, October 01, 2003


being unemployed has some benefits too (for citizens and permanent residents only) {courtesy: /.}

more news about long movie titles inspired by old film songs (DDLJ is often touted as the pioneer of this trend)

Raveena Tandon becomes the new chief of the Children's Film Society of India. Sai Paranjpye, the last chairperson, had resigned from the post on June 1 this year, ahead of her three-year tenure. "I am surprised that Raveena Tandon has been appointed as her name had not come up earlier,'' said Ms Paranjpye, who refused to state why she had resigned.

RGV finally succeeds with 'Mission Abhishek' (namely: getting ChhoTaa B to star in a film of his) with Naach. Kiran Reddy directs, RGV supervises.

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