Friday, October 24, 2003

eerie coincidences and maar noose

Just caught the dance-floor-koli video for dariyaa kinaare, the Nitin Bali-Shashwati (la femme Kaa.NTaa lagaa) remix of Kishore's duet with Lata for Sabse Bada Rupaiya. I have to give this remix some points for nabbing a rather minor KK song. The coincidence comes
from my recent acquisition of a compilation of the film soundtracks resulting from the brief collaboration between RDB assistants Basu and Manohari). [TRIVIA: Rakesh Roshan released this album]

More a/v feeds. Heard of and saw Gauri Pradhan (good looks, Tabu voice, potentially 0 "acting" skills) and Hiten Tejwani (scrap the looks, add "dumb", definitely a big acting duck). Something about Naam Gum Jaayegaa, a short-lived soap (not the detergent but the tissue-drenching high-ham products generated ad nauseum back home), and KuTumb (another Ekta Kapoor venture!). And then there are talks about a Starbucks flood in India (here's a cool image from Surreal States). There was a big hint last year, but I don't see how someone could prevent this reverse culture-shock. I can imagine my next trip back home: the homogeneity that plagues the US of A will soon find a new home in India, while the population counter continues to tick upwards, and none of the real problems are solved.

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni on the pluses (Our strong family bonds. Also our spirituality, our deep connection to our roots, our rich heritage. We are learning to network and help each other more than before. We are also a very successful community, intelligent and hardworking) and minuses (There is right now a growing split between rich professional Indians and working class Indians (in America). Many people in the first group are snobbish and do not want to associate with the second.

They do not want to acknowledge problems the second group faces. They don't want to take the time and trouble to help them. They don't see that we are all one community. If one part of us is weak, if one part is suffering, we all eventually suffer. This attitude of the richer Indians causes anger and resentment among many working class Indians.

This may become a real problem if it isn't addressed soon
) of the Indian community in the US of A, in conversation with Arthur J Pais.

Currently observed Bollywood film trend: chillers (genre ripoffs with songs and dances)

desi-ization update: New american postage stamp issued to celebrate Diwali

current listens: Colors by Georghe Zamfir, variously labelled as kitsch and the "master of the pan flute". {connection: Kill Bill, vol I} [here's the complete listing of music used in the film, so you can find out what made it to the audio release]

Probably a good time to note a couple of references in the film that I caught but never articulated: (a) the intentional or accidental thematic overlap with Truffaut's The Bride Wore Black (b) the split-screen at the hospital as homage to Brian De Palma

tehzeeb update {last post in thread} Caught snatches of the "music video"/fast-forward moments of meherabaa.N meherabaa.N: can't say I was too impressed. Guess I'll wait for the full thing instead of passing judgement on flashily montaged eyecandy.

More snatches: the video for this new Baba Sehgal track that goes mere gaane kaa style (pump up your style). The usual Baba fun/TP lyrics. Wonder what album this is on.

It's probably all over the airwaves already: chhoDoo sanam, the annette/KK duet from Kudrat (the only RDB song I know that has NO violins!), gets the dance floor makeover (skimpy virtually-unclad femmes cavorting about wiggling the assets, hugging poles on the strip floor, lip-synching with fake oomph, some bald ill-dressed moron going "you shake your booTay your booTay .../I like it") on an album called The Bikini Lounge Mix (just the thing for the family)

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