Wednesday, October 01, 2003

melodious goodies from india (and cost-efficient too)

Just received this big-gluteus 21cm * 20.5cm * 20.5cm box courtesy a friend returning from a trip back home. Several layers of careful packaging unravelled to reveal among other things my first VCD (nope, not RD Burman, but an unsung thriller of yore called Dhund). The other goodies include a Vishal cachet: Hu Tu Tu, Makdee, Paanch; Gulzar's Udaas Paani; The 3-CD 50th anniversary release of Sholay (the whole movie in aural form -- incidentally the audio release of this movie had set a trend for such releases); Universal reissues of Saagar and Shalimar; recordings from the Pune R D Burman tribute shows, and three tapes: Best of Rahul Dev Burman: Modern Bengali Songs, Yasmeen/Sabse Bada Rupaiya/Chatpatee (being three scores by the short-lived collaboration of R D Burman's assistants Basu and Manohari), Sitamgar/Hum Naujawan (which although cool, is missing, as the friend who procured tape informs me, the extended prelude to tum dilawaalo.n ke aage)

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