Wednesday, October 15, 2003

misclynx (of a technical nature and then some)

python is a time bomb (in a good sense): "You didn't really mean to write it in Python, you say, it just happened." | open-source projects have a better sense of humour than corporate bloatware sites. case in point, nude pictures on the MiddleGen site | jon udell discusses software reuse, patterns and antipatterns (Dilbertian design patterns ... In the old days, we used to just call these 'bad ideas') ... and also revisits Nigerian spam with birthday greetings | time to link to ray ozzie's much-cited recent blog post on saving the browser (ref: the Eolas lawsuit against MSFT) | and another lesson in commenting code | using an agile software process with offshore development

{from The Guardian}:
The Catholic Church is telling people in countries stricken by Aids not to use condoms because they have tiny holes in them through which HIV can pass - potentially exposing thousands of people to risk.

The church is making the claims across four continents despite a widespread scientific consensus that condoms are impermeable to HIV.
... The WHO has condemned the Vatican's views, saying: "These incorrect statements about condoms and HIV are dangerous when we are facing a global pandemic which has already killed more than 20 million people, and currently affects at least 42 million.".

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