Tuesday, October 07, 2003

cool visa update, wcnj hosts that suck, and some r d popping up

so the US embassy has announced scrapping of visa issuance fee for students, reduction of such charges for other categories and adjustment in consular exchange rate--all to be effective from October 11 ... The October 11 adjustment in exchange rate will lower the Rupee price of all consular transactions, including services for American citizens.{more} [also: the impact of the growing rupee on exports]

Almost all WCNJ hosts that I've tuned in to are Indians who were either born in the US or migrated (which means they lay the faux American accent really thick). The accents and pseudocool attitude are often jarring -- perhaps because they just seem so incongruous with the stuff they play. To cite one example, there's this guy I'm listening to right now called Devang on a show called desii breakfast: very very thick faux accent, stupid jokes and some really terrible english (Hariharan is my soulmat). Grief.

Addendum: Anu's show at 1303. The post-break session starts off with Pancham's wonderful theme for Betaab.

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