Monday, March 22, 2004

fragments: chanakya and #9, no tomorrows, hackneyed justice

Chor Pe Mor is a forgettable Karan Shah/Neelam vehicle notable for some R D Burman songs, classic cheap lines (apun log jaamun ke pe.D ke niiche kha.Daa rah ke aam aam chillaataa hai), a hamminglorious turn by Kiran Kumar, laughable clichés; and Naseeruddin Shah playing Inspector Chanakya (which gives him a chance to obsess with the number 9 and mouth classics like tujhe mai.n itane dino.n tak ba.ndh rakhuu.Ngaa saale jab tak tuu chakkii piis\-piisakar sarakaar ke liye itanaa paisaa kamaa le ke sarakaar ko ##jail## banaane kaa kharch vasuul ho jaaye).

Kal Ho Naa Ho is all about the embarassingly manipulative enterprise run by Karan Johar and SRK, which gets NRIs to shell out $$$ towards its profits by mocking them. SRK's introduction is interesting, but the film stretches things a little too far with its attempt to hammer in the "wasn't that cool" message. Saif Ali Khan is effortless as always, and deserves more respect in life than sick flicks like this one. Ripping off an American radio favourite and smacking its desi version against a video of people cavorting against a backdrop of the American flag is in really bad taste.

Insaaf: The Justice begins well with Sanjay Suri typing out some good Hindi in his suicide note before blowing his brains out. Downhill is the subsequent direction. Dino Morea does not run at all, and is, hence, useless at anything else. Namrata Shirodkar's sincerity and the Big B's voiceover (hackneyed, and vacillating between free time and 7/8) are the only things notable. And the vocal motif for the bad guy. Everything else is déjà why.

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