Monday, March 01, 2004

the return of bombay beats

the ebay seer returns with a bag of loot from the guys who call themselves Bombay Beats:

* SEXY bollywood LOUNGE FUNK Bappi Lahiri Josh:Hard to find & Brilliant Bappi with clear, wide sound and open beats filled till the top with samples. Two laidback lounge tracks and one slow minimalistic disco track. All very long, trippy & atmospheric and great songs on top of that. Float into outerspace with Asha! This is without doubt Bappi's deepest Lounge Funk LP. And more and more we believe that Bappi is the King of Hindi Lounge. The LP cover photograph has Deven Verma and Amjad Khan singing a duet together in the recording studio (gulp!).

* very rare BURMAN bollywood KILLER EP: This week we?ve got some unreal Indian oddities on EP all in super condition. This one is by RD Burman and it?s for Garam Masala, a film from 1970. It?s a charming film since it?s sort of a belated female stunt film, like the famous Hunterwali (Girl with the whip). See the cover scan to see what I mean. But this was made as late as 1970, so it?s an extremly groovy affair! Here?s some of Burman?s best music ever on vinyl. It?s on the verge between his seventies funky period and his jazz and rock oriented sixties. It?s very laid back swinging with freakishly played electric wah wah guitar, big band, treated hammond and jazzy singing. Somehow it?s really ballanced, with no anoying stuff in between and sudden bursts of inspired and swinging suspense madness. They really arrested the groove on this session! This one is VG++ (cover and record). ODEON INDIA 1970, EMOE 2196

* KARZ bollywood instr. 45 SOFT PORN LOUNGE: Indian soft porn lounge! This hard to find 45 contains the track that is missing on the KARZ LP: the instrumental theme music of KARZ. Three and a half minutes of deep cinematic bolly lounge, beautiful soft porn theme with nice light percussion. Make love to this on your lush 70?s carpet, Indian style. India 1980. The secret of this theme track may be found elsewhere on this blog.

* BOLLYWOOD ActionThriller Bappi Lahiri Do Usta[d]: Do Ustad: rare score to a full C-grade film with an amazing deep disco hypnotizer, 9 minutes long, sung by Usha Uthup (=Usha Iyer). Mad interludes going all over the Bappi place. Great lines. The only Bollywood score I know that is truely spiritual, as Usha Uthup sings:'Love is God??God is Love????? Love Love Love'. India 1982

* MOOG FUNK Bollywood 1974 Kalyandji Anandji: One of the three best 70's Funk albums by Bolly Funk Brothers Kalyandji Anandji. Contains a whole string of wicked tracks, and that is a big exception in Bolly LP land. On top the title instrumental. Big Wah Wah suspense, building up and building up?. Eventually a sinister moog comes in, playing a creepy theme. A wicked, long instrumental which builds from the suspense intro into terrifying horror?.. Ultimate!!! In "Ae Zamane" a 60?s beat combo in unsurpassed Kaliandji/Anandji style bursts loose in a 60?s Indian song. Super groovy, and very Hindi. The other song, "Kise Pe Dil" is one of those rare Hindi songs that leaves the Hindi frame of mind behind and goes enterily funky in a hindi way. "Chhup Chhup" is also in 60?s beat style. Fat beats & nterludes! India 1974.

* FUNKY BOLLYWOOD R.D. Burman MANORANJAN: Early 70's Burman score to the film 'Manoranjan': Entertainment. Hard driving Masala beat . The great track is a duet between Kishore & Aha and has a long whirling oriental beat intro & sublime wild interludes. Mad Stuff!! Also contains a 'Cat Fight Music' and 'Entertainment' in gypsy style. 1990 Issue

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