Friday, March 26, 2004

a sinful waste of time

Pooja Bhatt demonstrates her complete lack of directorial vision with a bland flick that promised more skin in the previews that you would care to catch (unless you like ogling at lamas and yaks!). Papa Mahesh Bhatt is responsible for the script , and hence it makes cosmic sense that we have a.ngrezii source material (Witness). A lot of the sequences reminded me of the slick zing of Luc Besson's Léon). Where do we begin? With the inappropriately placed songs? With the background score that, though competent belongs elsewhere for the most part? With the lack-lustre shoddy editing that takes away the one thing (hint: brevity, vim) that might have saved this film from being a cure for insomnia? With this fresh[sic] find called Udita Goswami, who was led to believe that stardom is all about pouting, grunting, heaving, and mouthing bad dialogue badly? With John Abraham, who continues to give us proof that the Bhatt clan is incapable of finding us a good actor? With Mohan Agashe, who merits sympathy and cringes for having to mouth lines like har chiiz kaa a.nth hotaa hai aur us a.nth kaa bhii a.nth hotaa hai? With the standard Mahesh Bhatt trademark of giving us a family man tormented by a past that seems more interesting than the film itself (Agashe here, Anupam Kher in Gumrah)? Or must we just end with trite truisms like laamaa rote nahii.n. Find something else to do and spare yourself this skinless flick.

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