Wednesday, March 10, 2004

interesting evidence of the indian angle to outsourcing

All this outrage and uproar with jobs moving in droves to India. And even though I knew that outsourcing has been happening for longer than all the "patriotically outraged" analysts have led us to believe, I seem to have become even more conscious about the "Indian" element in IT solutions. One example would be my visit to the Java section of IBM's developerWorks portal. The newest addition to the articles talked about using AOP to deal with legacy code. My eyes scrolled down to take in the contents in precis, when they stopped at the author's name: Abhijit Belapurkar. And I was also informed that he was a Senior Technical Architect with Infosys Technologies Limited (one of the big juggernauts in Indian IT, and also one of the key players in the outsourcing fracas). I don't recall ever seeing an article by an Indian IT professional working with an Indian IT firm on the developerWorks pages before. But then again, I just noted my heightened awareness of these things. Perhaps I should take this is a sign of the positive effects of all this media spotlight on the talent that India has been generating for decades (and, hopefully, will continue to do so for decades to come). Must also note, in closing, a similar trend on other fora I troll like the OReilly portal for Java.

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