Sunday, March 07, 2004

tum? how dare you!

What is Rajat Kapoor doing in this sorry waste of film stock? What the flying F was Aruna Raje (credited throughout as "Arunaraje") thinking? Was she planning to add another futile specious exploration of women and adultery to her list? Was she trying to make a facile murder mystery (where everyone is a suspect and the audience is asleep)? The bedroom sequences are an embarassment. The acting can't even be referred to thus. Rajat Kapoor is so good, it makes you weep and cringe to see him sinking in this marsh of mediocrity. "My films are not meant to titillate!" screamed Raje in a recent interview. I agree, they are excellent for insomniacs. Kalpana Lajmi floundered recently with Kyon?. That title sums up my reaction to this "dangerous obsession".

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