Monday, March 29, 2004

ICMS 2004 begins

with a vocal concert by Santanu Bandhopadhyay at the Swanton Amphitheater at the Holiday Inn in Decatur, Georgia. He was accompanied on the tabla by Sujit Saha (the section of "has accompanied" in his bio reads like a virtual who's who!). The last concert I attended here (which was also my first ICMS concert) wasn't as satisfactory (plagued by delays, and a singer who couldn't find the pocket). Atlanta Dunia has a IE-friendly every_other_browser-unwelcome page dedicated to the event (TRIVIA: the audience photograph features a chopped-off yours truly). I had to miss a dinner with friends at Madras Sarvana Bhavan, and as ironic justice would have it, the dinner for the committee and volunteers after the concert had food catered from MSB. To top it all, there was stuff to scavenge for later meals.

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