Wednesday, March 24, 2004

random lines

From the BBC profile of India: Mr Vajpayee has spent most of the more than 40 years of his political career in opposition. With all the cowcrap that SCO's been raking up in its box of good deeds, this little piece about SCO suing God was inevitable. I'm not a man for reading about politics, but a Sidhuism seems worth it: If my aunty had been a man she would have been my uncle. And Khwahish star[sic] Mallika Sherawat shoots her mouth off again: (about the sort of man she would like) Someone really gutsy. Someone with more balls than I have. Come on, where are all the ballsy men? (is a lesson in anatomy called for? or is she just being in-the-know on idioms and phrases of a slangy kind?) And then later on The only man in my life is my younger brother Vikram. I am like a nun. I work and I go back home, with no one to sleep with. And it�s not out of choice..

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