Monday, March 22, 2004

z o o and kudzu

My first visit to the Atlanta Zoo. On a day of good weather. The usual smells and cool sights. But it was a great walk. The giant panda took top honours (and it was heartening to know that they had better chances of survival in captivity). The black widow spider glass display was empty. Makes you feel safe, what? And the lion was definitely a self-ware star, weary of the trappings of stardom. The fighting lemurs beat the sound levels generated by the people that abound in the MARTA buses and trains. Pity, the Cyclorama nearby was closed when we walked out.

Another visit to Kudzu. This great discount book store has been forced to close out its other branches (both new and old) over the last two years, leaving the Peachtree Industrial Boulevard location alone in the battle against overpriced books. The computer section's promised refill hasn't happened yet. But I managed to get some more volumes of Projections.

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