Thursday, November 06, 2003

another ISB ... and noting that AVS Atlanta is no more

My second ISB post on the giitaayan wiki: chup chaap, from Chhal.

Atlanta viewers of the AVS segment on Saturday mornings may note that the hour-long weekly programme is going off the public air. The only way you can catch it now is every Sunday at 4pm on Sony, which means you need to have a Dish Network connection. Public message reproduced here:

AVS Atlanta is no more!
Since 1993 AVS has provided excellence in programming content no other program could match. Recent set backs in the economy along with increased competition in the retail sector impacted businesses and advertising budgets dramatically resulting in reduced television advertising as airtime costs increased.
If you have Dish Network, you can still enjoy AVS every Sunday at 4 pm on SONY.
Thanks to all the loyal viewers and clients for making AVS the number one program in Atlanta!
Raju Kotak, President ~ WOWNOW, Inc.

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