Tuesday, November 04, 2003

charles claps for the rising ... and sanu gets some

All ironies intact, Prince Charles clapped up the muhuurat shot for The Rising (English) / Mangal Pandey (Hindi). Aamir looks interesting in his get-up and the conspicuous moustache. {more} {and more} [photograph reproduced here for smiles]
prince charles claps for the rising. The last time royalty graced a film's release was on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of India's Independence[sic], in 1997, when Queen Elizabeth graced the launch of Kamal Hasan's ambitious short-lived project Marudhanayagam.

In another "awardfest" (this time the Bollywood Music Awards 2003), Kumar Sanu was presented the Artist of the Decade by Moroccan Singer Ishtar Alabina. The reasons for Sanu's smiles are manifold.

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