Wednesday, November 19, 2003

listens and reads

Current listens: audio clips hosted by Electric Magic. Krishna by Sanjeev Abhyankar {see also: musical nirvana entry and album details}. Madonna's Like a Prayer and The Immaculate Collection. Torn Curtain: The Unused Score (related: cape fear: every man has to go through hell to reach paradise).

Current reads: Oracle Magazine Nov/Dec 2003. Linux Journal Dec 2003, The Life of Pi. Understanding comics : the invisible art.

Coming up: a huge huge pack of Pancham goodies from R&N featuring volume II in the customized mix series, Agar Tum Na Hote (being a compilation of Kishore songs for RDB including the title song for the film that also gives this collection its name), joshila/dil diwana, khalifa/parchhaiyan/itihaas, ghungroo ki awaaz/apne apne, and chandan ka palna/gomti ke kinare.

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