Friday, November 21, 2003

more listens

Thiruda Thiruda refuses to age for me. Makes me sad too. Wonder if ARR will ever be able to return the simplicity and sparseness of this effulgent score, now that he seems to building and crossing new bridges of sampling complexity? Wish I could understand Tamil too.

Other aural nuggets in the playlist include

* yaade.n banii.n parachhaa_iiyaa.N from JL's songlist for Soch (Strangers on a Train with songs) {NOTE: the link to the lyrics might cause a "Save As" dialog box to pop up if you are using a non-Internet-Explorer browser. Vinay is looking into the problem}.

* Thahare hue paanii me.n from Dalaal

* Sandeep Chowta's Satya-esque theme for Asoka, and Chowta's rollicking title track for Kaun

* The retro vibe of unase milii nazar from main madhuri dixit banna chahti hoon

* aan milo sajanaa in raag Kamaaj from Gadar

* kuchh mere dil ne kahaa from tere mere sapne

And another ISB post in the THGHT series: cha.nd roz aur merii jaa.N from the under-rated Sitamgar.

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