Monday, November 17, 2003

dvd special features: the manchurian candidate, the two towers

John Frankenheimer's commentary adds value to the chilling experience of the film. Especially interesting is the description of the process that contributed to the wonderful brainwashing sequence in the opening. Lots of trivia and notes on little bits in the film that were not immediately clear on first viewing. My pick (for sheer personal reasons) would be the nod to Foreign Correspondent ("these days they call it an homage. back then it was a ripoff") in the way Marco figures out where Shaw is holed up at Madison Square Garden (part of which was on location, and most of it on a soundstage in LA).

The special features on The Two Towers DVD were modest (paling before the recent box set), but were still enough to provide evidence of what a committed dedicated hardworking crew can put together. The set construction details, the locations, the detail in the costumes, the seamless integration of CG and live action (culminating with Smeagol/Gollum). And that infectious theme again ...

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