Monday, November 24, 2003

on how i changed my mind about piedmont park

Saturday Nov 22 and Sunday Nov 23, 2003 should be recorded in Atlanta history as starkly misaligned days of springy weather in winter. It was to celebrate this bright wonderful event that I ended up in Piedmont Park on Sunday afternoon with friends. The only time I've been here has been for the Atlanta Jazz Festival, which happens to the right side of the park (point of reference: looking at the main entrance at Piedmont and Charles Allen Drive). The left side is where the park really opens out as a park. It's not as bad a place as the 10th St view or the sparseness of the right side (during the concerts) make it out to be (for me at least). Expect recommendations from me the next time around. And now, Monday morning is here with dark, grey overcast skies spitting rain like nobody's business.

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