Thursday, November 06, 2003

revived memories of humorous dubs and fun fights

Snake-Crane Secret (1985 according to the DVD) is one among several standard Chinese kung fu exports, and betrays all the trademarks of the "genre": bad picture quality (almost alike the Bollywood B flicks that dominated the early mornings and scattered afternoons of Zee Cinema), fragmented bursts of dubbed dialogue (an attempt to sync with the speaking moments of the characters on screen) -- which offers tons of limpid sequiturs for perusal, blinkouts marking DVD chapter transitions, cool fight sequences (where people don't really seem to be trying to kill each other!), and the overlaps with the western (something that QT's Kill Bill Vol I recently fleshed out in greater gory detail). Brings back memories of the marathons that Star Movies tended to run back home comprising of old Jackie Chan flicks including Fearless Hyena, and Fearless Hyena II.

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