Tuesday, November 04, 2003

rahmanreview: ennaku 20 unakku 18 (Disclaimer/Caveat: I don't speak Tamil)

Azhahina Azhahi has the strange combo of Surjo Bhattacharya (the voice of Thakshak's dhiim taa) and Shreya Ghoshal. The song has an interesting musical opening (am I surprised, given ARR's capability to churn out good soundscapes?). The same for Santhipoma, Kama Kama (which betrays a strong Middle-Eastern bent and some more terrible lyrics from Blaaze). Oru Nanban starts off quite like Kaamosh raat, and then loses it as it descends into high-speed miasmic textures of sound. Yedo Yedo will probably end up as my pick, although I am not quite sure why. Asathura returns to the Middle-Eastern flavour for its opening, before becoming one of those Rahman standards I've heard more than enough of.

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