Tuesday, November 18, 2003

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After the splash called Chokher Bali, Rituparno Ghosh (last mentioned on this blog) is all set to make his first Hindi feature called Raincoat (the punny euphemisms notwithstanding), and nets some prime fish with Ajay Devgan and Aishwarya Rai. A TOI article titled Tabu is great, says Rituparno Ghosh hides this and other bits of trivia (Nandita Das was the original choice for Binodini, before the part went to Aishwarya Rai), and Tabu's name finally crops up only in the last answer (on page 2 at that!). Talk about bad headlining. Another turkey feather in TOI's punctured cap.

The mis-aligned gangster flick Supari becomes the first Hindi film (or Indian even?) to exploit the P2P medium for movie sales ... $2.99 for the asking. Send me a cheque instead. {more}

J P Dutta talks about LoC: Kargil: All of [the 32 heroes and 11 heroines] were needed to tell the true story; each character is based on a real-life person. Each one has his role etched out, and has his moment of glory. Note the rise from 26 to 32.

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