Wednesday, November 26, 2003

bits and peace

In Technology Has Us So Plugged Into Data, We Have Turned Off (Wall Street Journal | November 11, 2003) Dennis K Berman writes about a new plague of inattention that is spreading called "surfer's voice": -- a habit of half-heartedly talking to someone on the telephone while simultaneously surfing the Web, reading e-mails, or trading instant messages. On one end of the phone is an annoyed colleague or family member discussing an important topic. On the other end, a party puts on a meager soundtrack of knowing participation: "OK ... uh-hum ... right ... OK." It is punctuated with surreptitious tapping of a keyboard. The brainy people who study these things call this phenomenon "absent presence.". I have been (and will unfortunately continue to be) guilty of this myself, although I'd have to add hacking out and building lines of code to the list of simultaneous activities.

Aditya adds to his list of nice little posts with a fresh addition that reviews Jagjit Singh's Close to my Heart, and describes the rubaa_ii. This is the first time I heard of the show Pop kii Aa.ndhii, and I must say I'm still rocking in my chair at the pun.

From rmim {original post}:

hey hey!

me again, the white boy who works at a south asian tv station.

can someone help me? on the show india top 10 on B4U one of the songs
in the top 3 or 4 is by this girl with a totally perfect face. i don't
know her name or the name of the song. all i can tell is that she wears
the traditional indian gear with a big nose ring in the video and after
she sings what i think is the chorus she shakes her body real fast. she
has a perfect smile and face. what is her name? hope this helps.

sorry to be a bother about these things all the time but it's the south
asian women's fault for being so hot all the time. yeah.


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