Monday, December 16, 2002

another couch sunday

don't get me wrong ... i love spending sundays on the couch ... quite relaxing. less stressful (unless every show you want to catch is a re-run). Besides the fresh set of episodes that TNN fished out for their TNG Sunday marathon (including the delicious Ship in a Bottle), I caught Badlands on TCM as well as Let It Be Me, a little romantic by-the-numbers film, redeemed by good turns by Patrick Stewart and Leslie Caron (as well as Campbell Scott and Yancy "Witchblade" Butler). The "Cartman brings Christmas" South Park episode rounded up the day. Jesus dies saving Santa from the clutches of Iraqi thugs who sound like Jamaican immigrants, after his sleigh is shot down on a goodwill mission by a terrorist. Acknowledging this noble deed, Santa declares that henceforth Christmas will commemorate the man called Jesus. Perfect note on the capitalist nightmare that Christmas has become in the US of A. My Kroger shopping bags have new red-and-green logos. As Kyle said it: Dude, that's pretty f*****d up.

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