Tuesday, December 10, 2002

books, music, SAWG and a hot wok

made a short trip to AFPL yesterday on my way home and picked up some music and a couple of reads.

* [music]Greatest Hits/The Cars {should be a good introduction to the radio-friendly New Wave pop-rockers}

* [music]Tommy: The Original Cast Recording

* Critical approaches to writing about film/John E. Moscowitz

* The best american movie writing 2001/(ed)John Landis, Jason Shindler, James Robert Parish

The first SAWG meeting in regular time (the last meeting was cancelled for want of a quorum). I caught only the tail end of it, however, thanks to my planned library detour. Dinner followed, at Hot Wok (the third time I've been here: the first being in Spring 2001 and the second in Summer 2002). It's a good novelty restaurant with interesting service (honestly, I have no way to describe the behaviour of the server -- he's postmodern, sarcastic, terse, dismissive, polite, quick, informative, redundant, helpless...). The only pitfall (and it's quite important) is that you end with too little for what you're paying. And they don't have the triple schezuan that I miss from Pune -- which correctly localised "Indian Chinese" food. Incidentally, the wok is a large circular frying pan with 2 handles used for Asian cooking. Use that to impress your friends the next time you decide to take them there.

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