Thursday, December 05, 2002

welles echoes hitchcock ... and cartman markets revenge against parents

Caught The stranger on TCM and juggled breaks with the new season of South Park (Stan's sozzled future self pays him a visit to warn him against the dangers of drugs and Eric Cartman manages a business specializing in exacting revenge against parents. And then there was the other episode which trashed Russell Crowe). But I digress. The Stranger is a nice little noir nugget from talented brat Orson Welles showcasing his sense of style and his understanding of the medium and his successful attempt at showing Hollywood that he could make a film on their terms, on time (even finished a day before schedule) and on budget. The plot recalls Hitchcock's Saboteur and Shadow of a doubt and Charles Rankin (Welles)'s speech at the end (as well his alter ego's obsession with clocks) would show up again, in memorable form, in The Third Man.

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