Monday, December 02, 2002

music, another indian restaurant, and a movie

(reverse chronological order)

sunday, december 01, 2002
Began the new month recovering from a surprisingly welcome Yesudas song on WRFG -- haven't heard them play him in over a year. And then there was another ... and another ... Still reeling from the great playlist they had for the old segment (instead of songs from the 40s that absolutely no one in the small listener group they have has heard of), we inaugurated the month with lunch at Haandi, another Indian restaurant on Indian Trail. Modestly priced sumptuous food -- I'd recommend the Hyderabadi biryani. And the paper plates seem to be a vestige of a legacy of take outs, but that's a minor annoyance.

Minor annoyance in a CD exchange ...

We also took the opportunity to pay our respects to the Mars Music store on Pleasant Hill Road -- they're going bankrupt and consumers had promptly stripped the store bare ... it was both interesting and unsettling to walk past empty display racks, which once supported guitars from leading brands (yes, I'm partial to guitars .. the other sections were equally barren). Next door was Universal Groceries {last time} and I promptly picked up some more Hindi film CDs:

* Swami Dada/Hum Naujawan

* Godmother

* Bemisal/Jurmana

* Arth/Saath Saath

* Umrao Jaan/Bazaar

The rest of the evening was a quick trip through the commentary track of Rashomon and then my second attempt with audio books: Dashiel Hammett's Red Harvest.

saturday, november 30, 2002
Grocery shopping was the chore du jour. The Asian Variety Show concluded their mini-series dedicated to hyping Deepa Mehta's latest directorial venture Bollywood Hollywood, a North-Indian love story played out as an affectionate spoof of Bollywood film conventions and set in Canada. They also featured audience reactions to the shot-completely-in-New-York desi take on Meet The Parents.

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