Friday, December 13, 2002

chips, dinner and an epic to snooze

A home-park style Friday evening after a long long time. Back with friends on the old stomping grounds of Home Park {unawares note: cheap, shoddy rundown off-campus student housing close to the Georgia Tech campus, marking the north end of riffraff territory, although the south end is more horrifying}. We dined at Pappasito's Cantina up in Marietta. After OD'g on chips and salsa while we waited for a table, I stuffed myself with an excellent chicken chile relleno. The prices aren't too high, and the food and ambience are great. A lively slice in what appeared to be a rather lonely zone.

Back home, as if we hadn't had enough for the night, I ran through The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. While I didn't pay too much attention to detail (since I'm waiting on a kind loan of the extended version DVD set:) I was impressed by the technical finesse, the fluidity of the film (which is a blessing given the epic length), and a retro-trip to the stuff that embellished childhood all the tales of fantastic worlds and beings underpinning the neverending conflict between good and evil. I deeply regret not watching the film in the theatres (blame it on my previously unsuccessful attempts at reading any books by Tolkien). I will make amends by catching The Two Towers. Haven't seen the Harry Potter films I can't even begin a comparison.

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