Thursday, December 12, 2002

the auction seer is back!

It's been a long time since I've found something interesting in the desi element on eBay auctions. And this one is special. A set of items {note: link content may be invalidated after the auctions end} on auction. But since your humble narrator here is so willing, you can view the interesting fragments below...

* Rare Indian 7"- 4 WILD instrumentals- sixties: On auction here is a very hard to find instrumental 7" from Bombay end of sixties. These 4 club tunes are from the 1967 Mod film Aakri Khat and were not released other than on this EP that was put out in 1968. Chic Chocolate (obviously not his real name) was Bombay's hottest instrumentalist playing for all hip film music directors on Jazz, latin and rock oriented title tunes and club tunes. He's a master on trumpet, piano and percussion. He came from GOA
Tunes are TICKLE ME NOT, CONTESSA, EXITEMENT, FEEL CHIC. All are WILD!!!! It's a crazy mix of rock, bossa nova, cha cha, mambo, twist. Well, like you know it from RD Burman. The tune CONTESSA stands out because of the strong bossa beat, oriental melody and beatnik horns. Pretty unique and would not be out of place on the very best American or European crime jazz soundtracks from the sixties. Chic Chocolate was one of the key figures in the shift to western beat oriented compositions in the Indian film industry. Besides his work on filmmusic, he was leading a jazz band for clubs like the Taj Mahal and the Greens in late night Bombay. This is one of the top favorites of the Bombaybeat team. It's a great addition to your soundtrack / exotica / Indian jazz collection ANGEL records TAE 1465 1968, ORIGINAL! Only some ringwear and very light background noise: NM-
. {note on Chic Chocolate below}

* RD Burman SHALIMAR OST Moog Sitar 45: Original pressing of the 1978 soundtrack 7" EP Shalimar by Rahul Dev Burman, aranged and condcuted by the great Kersi Lord. Contains the Top track ONE TWO CHA CHA CHA by USHA UTHUP (=Usha Iyer) and also the sleazy 'BABY LET"S DANCE TOGETHER' by Kittu. Sleeve VG++ (corners a littlebit folded), Record NM (unplayed). Polydor 221-334 { entry}

* KARATE Indian BRUCE LEE OST Rip off: One of the best Bappi records in his famous string of exploito movies starring the south Indian hero Mithun: KARATE!!! Hardly any traditional Hindi stuff here, 4 ultra long Hard Bappi Disco Tracks. Difficult to describe this record, how to describe 4 tracks? The�re ALL over 8 minutes, that�s the first thing, full off B-movie interludes. It�s an Orgy of Devastating Bappi Beats, Weird Moogs, Cheesy Girl Choirs, Boombastic Horns Sections, Funky Bass Lines but also incidental visits to the western genre and the Spanish Peninsular! All in the finest Indian SECRET AGENT / BRUCE LEE / BLAXPOLITATION tradition. This is a Hard Stomping Record!!! India 1983 Cover VG+/ Record VG+ (surface marks, but plays fine, actually as a VG++)

* WARDAT J.Bond/ Bruce Lee BOLLYWOOD OST: Ah! The 2nd part in the famous exploitation GUNMASTER G-9 sequel! Designed to be a mix of James Bond, John Travolta & Bruce Lee!! Filled with Bappi samples till the top! Ultra Loud Bappi Beats, weird keyboards, hilearious choirs, boombastic percussion solo�s, giggling ladies. No consistent songs here, but I Loooove the Hindi Ladies doing the James Bond Choirs�.Two tracks are sung by Usha Iyer, or Usha Uthup as she was called by then, the Grand Lady of Indian Jazz. She does some serious naughty gigling here: �Oooh I feel LOVE ! I hope you feel it too�.It�s really beautiful�Ha ha ha �.. It�s just too much now �hi hi hi I gotta get way�I hope all of you join on this trip. Including you. Mmmmm..... India 1980. Sleeve VG++. Record in not too beautiful condition, the best I could find. VG+ (many surface marks, no audible scracthes) But loud pressing, so sounds fine!

* crazy Bollywood SOUNDTRACK Upaasna 1975:Wow! One of my favourite Indian soundtracks of all times! Great cover, which pictures the sleezy westernized nightclub life which seemed to obsess 1960&1970's India. The lady in the back is Helen, India's most famous Cabaret dancer who made her debut in the 50's but was still rockin' in the 70's. The 10 minutes track 'Meri Jawani' lives up to the cover. The music is by Indian sleez-jazz masters Kalyanji/Anandji and this is one of their incredible highlights in the genre. As usual a paralysing multitude of themes, melodies, genres and instruments pass by. It takes them 4 minutes and at least 12 diffenrent themes to come to the song itself, sung really beautiful & intoxicating by Asha Boshle on a relaxed jazzy groove. In between the track builds up with horns and percussion. It builds and it builds, hysteric flutes, strange noises & rattles, strings of whole piano's being hit and finally it explodes into a frantic bongo madness with bone squeeking screaming. This is so rich, and so weird. Beyond any category. Sorry, words fail me to describe. Listen yourself: (Record Unplayed, Cover between vG+ an VG++ No small tear like on photo) { entry}

All these are auctions from Milan and Edo, who dig the Bombay Beats.

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