Thursday, December 26, 2002

merry christmas

Stuffed myself with lunch at a friend's place (aah those turkey meatballs and the lovely gosht...). Also got back some music to sample: Buddha Bar (Indian lounge electronica, defeated by a rather repetitive swing beat with minor variations permeating all tracks. The last four tracks on Side B were more interesting); Nitin Sawhney's interesting concept album Beyond Skin {review}; DJ Cheb I Sabbah's Shri Durga (which had a rather strong mix based on raag kirvani).

Watched Training Day yesterday again, for Chris's benefit, and the second viewing was rather rewarding. Ambiguous plot points became clearer, and some of the little dialogue bits thrown around in the film acquired new meaning and context, since I knew what was going to happen next. The alternate ending on the DVD explains the mysterious car and a strange backlight in the final scene of the film. Still need to explore the director's commentary, the music videos and the "making of" documentary.

To round off the day, a surprise (long overdue) call with wishes and updates from Renu and Neeraj.

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