Tuesday, December 31, 2002

library hauls, the greatness of joan and the second leg of an epic

Got a hand- and bag-full of goodies from AFPL yesterday on my way home.

* All About H Hatterr/G V Desani {a forgotten out-of-print classical of post-colonial Indian literature}

* America in the dark/David Thomson

* Movie Man/David Thomson

* Hitchcock's films revisited/Robin Wood

* The Best American Movie Writing: 1998

* Writing with Hitchcock: the collaboration of Alfred Hitchcock and John Michael Hayes/Steven Derosa

* The entertainer/Scott Joplin {CD}

* Greatest Hits/Lionel Hampton {CD}

* Reflections on the art of swing/Harry Skoler

* Coleman Hawkins: Greatest Hits/Coleman Hawkins

Finished with the commentary track on The Passion of Joan of Arc. Started watching The Godfather II (Sanjay Gupta can take some good lessons in the appropriate and intelligent use of sepia filters from this one).

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